About Us


Custom Cabinetry and Millwork Shop

Everything is custom built in house at our shop per your cabinetry drawings and specifications by our team of expert craftsmen. We have the most up to date equipment in our facility to handle any of your design needs. Our painters use a high quality conversion varnish finish to put the finishing touches on your cabinetry. 



Our showroom offers a variety of cabinetry displays featuring everything from basic to high end. Different types of construction options are shown, along with door styles, hardware, and customized inserts. Come touch and see  our displays and let our designers help you make your dream kitchen or bath become a reality. Our designers produce computer drawings and renderings based off of your needs to create a functional yet beautiful kitchen or bath suited to your taste. 


Residential and Commercial Teams

We operate as a team to get the job done from start to finish seamlessly. We start in the showroom with our designers who produce cabinetry drawings and elevations for your job. These drawings are then taken by our production team and turned into cut sheets and detailed paper work for the shop to build from. Once built by our skilled craftsmen using our state of the art equipment, the paint technicians then use high end conversion varnish paints to seal the cabinetry. After the job is hinged out and customized inserts are installed, it is then loaded for installation. Our team of installers sets the job to the drawings specifications and completes the last of the finishing touches. 


We also produce and install commercial cabinetry and mill work with the same process. Our commercial team works closely with architects and general contractors to achieve the required design specifications for the job. The commercial cabinetry or mill work is then  built and installed with the same standards as our quality residential work is known for.